The Philosophy of Jonetsu is a simple one.
To achieve comfort without sacrificing style, femininity and elegance.
Garments that embrace the body and flatter the form.
Attire to evoke a sense of style, poise and ease.
Clothing that is practical and versatile, trans-seasonal and well priced.

The designs reflect a timeless style that is "au courant" with current trends for all to enjoy with confidence. It is in step with the changing world, which is adopting a more casual style. A refined style for elegant daily life is Mineko's impetus.

As an antidote to the daily pressures of life, we aim to provide stress-free sartorial answers. From the ease of transition and co-ordination of the range to the comfortable cut and fit of each style. These practical and stylish garments lend themselves to many styling options which make them ideal for women of any age. Three generations of our clients enjoy the same garments, styled in their own way and worn to reflect their individuality. Elegant, practical or active, these garments can satisfy your needs. Some of the pieces in the range have been designed with a neutrality that allows them to have a unisex appeal.

Mineko has a rich 22 year history of bringing the avant-garde style and luxury of Japanese and European designers to her market. From her intimate boutique in Perth, Australia, Mineko introduced a new world of style to the fashion landscape. Mineko encouraged her clients to explore their own sense of style and with her guidance, many gained the confidence to change. Mineko's broad appreciation and selection of designer collections including: Yohji Yamamoto, Dries Van Noten, Maison Martin Margiela, Romeo Gigli, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce and Gabbana, Maria Calderara, Atsuro Tayama amongst others was an awakening for many in Perth.

International travel has been a significant aspect of Mineko's life. Her work as a consultant stylist for Maria Calderara regularly took her to Europe. Mineko often travels to various cities in India where she produces the Jonetsu line with a team of enthusiastic artisans.

Mineko's own lifestyle requirements, coupled with her personal understanding of her clientele's sartorial needs has fuelled her desire to achieve this stylish sense of comfort.

The fabrics and yarns used in the production are all manufactured exclusively for Jonetsu. The cuts of the garments are executed to flatter the silhouette and promote ease of movement to complement our increasingly active lifestyles.

These stylish pieces are effortless to co-ordinate, lightweight, easy to care for and are ideal for travelling. Created for everyone to take pleasure in.